[VIDEO] 12 Signs You Are a Perfectionist Entrepreneur #CurePerfectionism

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life, and it is the main obstacle between you and a shitty first draft.”

–  Anne Lamott

How do you know if you are a perfectionist?

Watch the video and learn the most common signs of being a perfectionist entrepreneur.

Perfectionism does not give us the chance to connect at all. Why? Having a relationship means having to connect. Connecting means being vulnerable. And being vulnerable is NOT something that perfectionist people (entrepreneurs included) do.

I chose this topic so that I could bring more awareness on the matter that is affecting so many entrepreneurs these days. The problem is that they don’t even know that some of their “issues” are related to perfectionism.

You will be amazed that some of these “issues” are actually tied up to being a perfectionist. From what I see, people believe perfectionism is just about overthinking a project or postponing things until they are perfect, without realizing that it’s much more complex than that.

Here are 12 signs that are probably the most common and big ones, but there are lots of nuances around perfectionism, especially in the entrepreneurial world, to talk about.

You might be a perfectionist if:

  • you procrastinate
  • you are paralyzed by fear of FAILURE
  • you find it very hard to make a decision
  • you care too much about what people think
  • you set unrealistic goals
  • you constantly feel disappointed in yourself
  • you beat yourself up for EVERY mistake
  • you don’t love yourself (see this interview)
  • you expect your life to be a straight line UP
  • it’s super hard for you to accept down times or any sort of negative feelings and situations because it does not align with your “perfect” vision of life
  • you never feel like you are GOOD ENOUGH (why would you, if you’re not perfect?!)
  • you do not know how to celebrate a WIN because, for you, it’s never ENOUGH.

See what 20+ Entrepreneurs answered to the same question “You are a perfectionist if…”!

What if I told you there is a different way that will allow you to enjoy life more? A different way that will allow you to take things less seriously and that will allow your business to GROW because of it?

Yes, it is possible!

Perfectionism is LEARNED. It’s time to UNLEARN it!

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– Mihai Herman

[VIDEO] 20+ Top Entrepreneurs Answer “You Are A Perfectionist If…” #CurePerfectionism

Super excited to share this little project with you guys because I’ve put my heart and soul into it and I am really proud of the result.

You all know that #perfectionism has kept me stuck for such a long time (and it still does every now and then) and I want to bring more awareness to this issue and help entrepreneurs learn new and more useful ways to deal with perfectionism in business, but also in their day to day lives.

So, I’ve asked 20+ entrepreneurs to complete the following question: “You are a perfectionist if…”

The beauty of this project is that it features smart, even wise answers, but it also features funny ones like the one from John Lee Dumas at minute 01:11.

Because I believe we’re all ONE, we are all part of the same global family and that LOVE governs everything, my goal with this project was to feature as many races as possible. So we have people from all over the world, we have white people, Hispanic, Asians, African Americans.

Are you a perfectionist? Join the Live Training and Learn Why & How It Negatively Impacts Every Aspect of Your Business And What Can You Do About It!

Here’s The Video. Hit PLAY! #CurePerfectionism


On July 1st, the idea hit me for the first time and I’ve decided to let it sit for a while and see if it feels good even after a few days.

Two weeks later, it was 10PM and I was feeling drained with energy and this project was the only thing I could work on. You can imagine that I’ve worked non stop until 2PM when I finished contacting everyone and had a much clearer idea on what I want from this project and how will it work.

Only on August 17th, I’ve managed to get all the videos from people and being a perfectionist, I was the last one to create my bit.

August 22nd, the final version was ready and I barely resisted the urge to share it before everything else was prepared.


The Awesome People That Made This Project Possible

Jen Yang: self-love coach for women – JenYangMetamorphosis.com

 “So you are a perfectionist if you can’t stop beating yourself up and your ego weights way more than showing your own authenticity.” (minute 00:35)


Jason Goldberg: speaker, author, and coach – TheJasonGoldberg.com

“You might be a perfectionist if you fear sharing your work with the world because you think that whatever you are creating now is the last thing you’ll ever create. You also might be a perfectionist if you film a video about being a perfectionist 7 times.” (minute 00:45)

Check out my interview with Jason Goldberg: How to Give a Killer TEDx Presentation


Devona Stimpson: artist and co-founder at StrivenGrind.com

 “You’re a perfectionist if you switch through a hundred fonts and you still can’t figure out if you want a Serif or a Sans Serif.”          (minute 00:57)


Kevin Stimpson: branding expert at StrivenGrind.com

 “You’re a perfectionist if you care too much about what other people think about you or your business.” (minute 01:05)

Check out my interview with Kevin Stimpson: Building Brands With Soul


John Lee Dumas: entrepreneur and host of Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast at EOFIRE.com

 “You’re a perfectionist if you think your spam has to be an inbox zero.” (minute 01:11)


Roswitha Herman: clarity and career coach for millennials at WellFitsYou.com 

“So, yo are a perfectionist if you always see things black or white, meaning you either succeed in accomplishing your goal or you fail. There’s nothing in between.” (minute 01:20)


Eliana Reyes: motivational speaker and self-love coach at ElianaReyes.com 

“You’re a perfectionist if you destroy what you just created because you fear it won’t meet people’s expectations.” (minute 01:33)

Check out my interview with Eliana Reyes: How to Self-Love Your Way to a Prosperous Business 


Tara Borghese: author and public speaker at MomentsWithMiley.com

“You know you are a perfectionist if you constantly compare yourself to other’s accomplishments instead of your own.” (minute 01:40)


Julia Wells: business and success coach for women at JuliaCWells.com

“You are a perfectionist if your dream still lives inside of you.” (minute 01:48)


Cynthia Luois: coach and host of Redefining Revolutions Podcast

“You’re a perfectionist if what was supposed to be done today gets put off for tomorrow and then tomorrow and then never.”           (minute 01:53)

Check out my interview with Cynthia Luois: Redefining What Courageous Leadership Means


Maria Volovik: world-traveler and co-founder at UltimateBizBuilders.com 

“You’re a perfectionist if when you don’t trust yourself enough to share your new genius.” (minute 02:09)

Check out my interview with Maria Volovik: How to Set Intentions and Live a Life on Purpose


Jan Broders: meditation and mindfulness coach at JanBroders.com

“You’re a perfectionist if playing with WordPress plugins is more important to you than serving all those people out there who need your support.” (minute 02:14)


Alex Echols: best-selling author and co-creator at UltimateBizBuilders.com 

“You’re a perfectionist if you’re not able to meet people where they are at.” (minute 02:23)

Check out my interview with Alex Echols: Fears and Successful Book Marketing


Julia “Juju” Hook: brand-maker and world-changer at StrategicJuju.com

“You know you are a perfectionist if it takes a script and ten takes to shoot a 15-minute segment about why you are a perfectionist.” (minute 02:27)

Check out my interview with Julia Hook: The Anatomy of a Good Brand Story


Tamara Thompson: president at SeriousTakeProductions.com

“You’re a perfectionist when you’re compelled to make each e-mail perfect. You can stay in there for long lengths of time, but then that takes away other priorities that are on your list of things to do.” (minute 02:37)

Check out my interview with Tamara Thompson: The Secrets Behind a Successful Video


Erika de la Cruz: TV, runway host and author at ErikadelaCruz.com

“You know you’re a perfectionist if two hours later you’re still working on your Instagram filter.” (minute 02:54)


Elinor Cohen: intuitive business and marketing coach at JustMeCompany.com

“You are a perfectionist if you feel a burning desire to create a huge impact for your business but you aren’t doing so. You might be focusing on the small details instead of the big rocks that do create a change.” (minute 02:59)


Anca Cristina Petre: lover of life

 “You’re a perfectionist if you can’t accept failure. You’re trying everything to avoid it without seeing the wisdom in those moments.” (minute 03:15)


Rahel S Lee: business and online marketing mentor at RahelSLee.com

“You are a perfectionist you haven’t even taken that one small step it takes on a project that you’ve been thinking about for years because you think you need to know all of the steps.” (minute 03:22)


Derrick Duplessy: host of Purpose Rockstar Podcast at PurposeRockstar.com

“You know you are a perfectionist if you never finish, finish.  The risk of not committing is greater than the risk of a bad decision.” (minute 03:35)


Naiana Miranda: international speaker and founder at RaiseThe-Bar.com

“You’re a perfectionist if you keep on focusing on what could go wrong as oppose to creating a life that you want to live.” (minute 03:53)

Check out my interview with Naiana Miranda: Kicking Fear in The Butt by Becoming a BADASS


Amanda Bayerle: health coach for business entrepreneurs at TheTrueChallenge.com

“You know you are a perfectionist when you misspell a word, someone else calls you out on it and you feel so embarrassed and get down on yourself.” (minute 04:00)


Nicholas Bayerle: CEO at TheTrueChallenge.com

“You know you’re a perfectionist when you can’t even film this video because you don’t know what to say and if it’s going to be perfect. So it takes you ten minutes to film it.” (minute 04:11)

Check out my interview with Nicholas Bayerle: Learn WHY Legendary Entrepreneurs Invest in Their Health


Nichole Sylvester: Intuitive life and success coach at LibHerate.com

“You’re a perfectionist if you believe in perfection. There’s no perfection, only preference.” (minute 04:19)


Alex Mill: Zen life coach at AlexanderMillJr.com

“You are a perfectionist if you focus all of your attention on imperfection.” (minute 04:24)

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