SAP013: How to Self-Love Your Way to a Prosperous Business with Eliana Reyes

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Hello, there!

My guest for today’s interview is Eliana Reyes, a truly wonderful woman who made me feel so happy to be able to listen to her talk, almost as if I’ve had a coaching session with her.

About Eliana Reyes

Eliana M. Reyes is an award-winning motivational speaker, author, and self-love coach for young women. Eliana speaks globally on self-love, purpose, storytelling, and living life.
She has presented to more than 100,000 students and adults nationwide and has impacted communities in Spain, Kenya, El Salvador, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.
Her motto is simple – “true living starts with self-love and that is the foundation for a life of purpose and truth”. She uses her life experiences and past mistakes as a platform to teach these lessons.
You can find more about here:

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What You’ll Learn From Eliana

To make it easier for you to find exactly the things that interest you the most, here’s a breakdown of the topics that I’ve covered with her. There’s a little something for everyone, I’m sure of it!

  • 01:24 – her story
  • 15:28 – what is her biggest FEAR
  • 22:11 – her take on self-love
  • 27:37 – what are the 3 stages of self-love from her point of view
  • 32:30 – how important is self-love on entrepreneurship
  • 39:50 – self-love tips and practices
  • 40:25 – her 3 important tips on self-love
  • 46:40 – her take on self-care
  • 54:06 – what does conscious parenting mean and what are the “shadows”
  • 1:01:49 – her favorite book

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The Questions That I’ve Asked Eliana

NOTE: these were not the only questions of the interview, but the questions that started the conversation.

  1. What’s your story and why have you decided to go on your own path and become an entrepreneur?
  2. What was your biggest fear when you started on the entrepreneurship path?
  3. How did you overcome that fear? Any book that played an important role, online course, event or did you work with a coach? 
  4. What is self-love to you?
  5. How important is self-love for an entrepreneur?
  6. Can loving yourself more have a positive impact on your revenue?
  7. What are some simple self-love practices that any entrepreneur can add to his life?
  8. I used to get mad at myself when I tried to change a thought pattern or behavior. How can I love myself while I am working on kinda upgrading myself and my life?

    Key Lessons and Tweetables

    • “The most dominant fear in my whole awakening of self-love or even entrepreneurship was actually the fear of success”.
    • “To me, self-love is having an awareness, an appreciation and a regard for who you truly are”.
    • “Your business is only an extension of who you are”.
    • “Self-acceptance is not trying to prove the core of you”. – Click To Tweet!
    • “What we’re seeking is our true essence”. – Click To Tweet!
    • “The freedom that we all crave and desire is on the other side of doing the hard work within ourselves”.

    I really hope this interview left you more encouraged to be aware of your true self, to always practice self-love and self-care, and to remember that life is a journey of reconnecting with ourselves and finding our true essence.

    My goal is for you to always get at least one big idea from these interviews.

    I’d love to know what resonated with you the most (in a comment below).

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