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Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone guide you when you’re starting out or when you feel like you hit a plateau?

When I first started my first online business in 2010, I did not know the importance of investing in myself or in a business coach. What I did was to try and do everything myself, investing as little money as possible without realizing that that was my dream.

Sounds familiar? Are you trying to get the cheapest deal possible on your own dream?

Often times we are afraid to be creative, to let our intuition guide us and we fear what other people would think of us if we would go all in with our biggest dream. This is the main reason why you are not investing the big bucks in your own dream because of fear.

Now fear is something all human beings experience – at different degrees, of course – but you can decide right now to DO IT in spite of that fear.

Are you trying to do everything alone?

STOP! If you still think that you are strong by doing everything alone, think again! All the big entrepreneurs had employees, partners and mentors that guided them, that motivated them and that gave them a reason to go further even when they were going through some tough times.

This is one of the biggest mistakes people (read: Mihai) in business until they get burned out (a couple of times) that they realize how much faster can they go if they got the support of someone that has been down the road before.

What if you could get where you want to go three times faster if you had a coach to guide you along the way?! How would you spend the extra time (& money)?

I believe every entrepreneur needs a business coach and not because I am one (I can’t help everyone, anyway) but because it’s so powerful and because it can save you hours of research, testing and frustrations. Hours that you can put into actually building something valuable for your clients. Hours that you can spend with your loved ones. Hours that you can actually spend at the beach 🙂

This program will give you the strategies to grow your business at a faster pace, the support to keep going even when it gets harder and the confidence you need to succeed.

My goal is to help you become successful so that you can help others through your awesome service or product.

I believe in a world that is full of purpose-driven businesses, of businesses that make other people’s life better and that’s why I launched this coaching program.


Through systems, tools and strategies that will put you in charge of your business.

Here’s Everything We Will Cover (& more)

My Mission is To Help Businesses That Make a Difference in The World

Do You Own One Of Those Businesses? Let’s Talk!


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What Makes Me An “Expert”

Let’s get one thing straight: I am no expert. I am someone who tried a lot of stuff/strategies in my career, learned a lot from my mistakes and invested in knowledge more than the average.

Let’s Double Your Business in The Next 6 Months!


More Details About The Program

This is what you need to know about the program if you decide to join.

Let’s See If This Program Is For You

Are You…?

  • an entrepreneur with a big vision for the future.
  • helping other people through your service.
  • looking for a winning strategy to grow your business.
  • committed to make it happen.
  • sick of courses and ebooks that do not deliver on their promise.
  • looking for someone to hold your hand every step of the way.
  • looking to grow your email list and get publicity for your business.

YES! That’s definitely me!

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If you get this right, your business will succeed!

My Promise To You

*My promise is that by the end of this six-month program you will

  • double your email list.
  • have article ideas for an entire year.
  • have one high-converting freebie on your website.
  • publish one guest post.
  • host a webinar.

*It depends on: your ability to keep on track, your willingness to achieve these goals and put in the work and on the stage of your business. We will discuss these in our interview!


This is happiness.

Okay, But How Much Does It Cost?


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Lao Tzu)

Embark on the journey of your life by taking a single step today: schedule the interview!

“But Mihai, …” Section


“But Mihai, can’t I just search the internet, subscribe to all the great people’s newsletters and do what you did?”

Yes, you can do that, but do you have another one to three years to learn all the principles and secrets that come by actually implementing those strategies? That is the question that you need to answer! I did my best to find all the free stuff and later on, invest in courses, but that was only because I did not have enough money to hire a business coach and get my businesses to the next level in a fraction of the time it took me on my own.

If I were to do it all over again, I would definitely invest in a business coach, even if that means to go into debt (I don’t encourage you to do so!) – that’s how much I believe in this coaching program.

“But Mihai, can’t you coach me for free?”

I could coach you for free, but you will not get that much value out of it and not because I won’t put 100% into it, but because you will not put 100% into this program. Something magical happens the moment you are willing to invest money in something (time too, but money is very important) and it’s just how the Universe works. Money is energy and it is meant to be circulated. If you stop circulating money (just save money for example) you will not make more money because you stop circulating them.

The moment you spend money on things that bring you joy or that you truly love, you will definitely get more money. And, even more powerful, the moment you spend money on yourself, on a business that you truly believe in, on a business that is your true calling, you will get much more money.

Every time I’ve invested in a course or in coaching, I at least doubled my business in size. In March 2015 I’ve invested in B-School by Marie Forleo and since then my business has trippled in size – that is the real power of investing in yourself and circulating money.

What would you do if your business doubled in size in the next six to nine months?

“But Mihai, how do I know this will work for me?”

Honestly, it all depends about you! I will give you the tools, I will energize you, I will help you get more confident, I will hold your hand along the way, but it’s really you who does the work! If you are not willing to give 100% to this program, don’t apply! You are wasting time for both of us!

“But Mihai, do you have a coach?”

I do and it helps me a lot. In fact, I am not sure if you would be doing this today if I did not have a coach. I also have an accountability partner and I connect with different people that I admire once in a while to stay in that energy.

“But Mihai, I will learn some more and then come back to you later when I am at a higher stage in my business so I make the most out of your service.”

Unfortunately, I hear this a lot and it does not make any sense to me. Why struggle to do something by yourself if you can invest in a business coach that will give you all the answers that you need immediately?!

Think about it this way: what you can do by yourself (and this is true especially if you’re just starting out) in 3 months, we can do together in less than one month. All the answers that you can find by yourself from free resources in 3 weeks, you can get them from me in less than an hour.

And there another thing that happens: you read a lot of stuff online, but most articles are general and a lot of tactics and strategies do not apply in your industry and you risk wasting a lot of time doing something that might not even work. I can teach you where to look for answers in order to see if it’s worth pursuing that strategy or not.

Here’s how you know if you are ready to join the program, by asking yourself these two questions:

Am I willing to invest money in order to achieve my goal?

Am I willing to let go of something that I love doing, for 6 months, in order to achieve my goal? (watching tv shows for example)



Guide to Getting Your First Coaching Client

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