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What’s Inside The Bundle For Creative Entrepreneur?

Authenticity is the New BLACK: How to Get More Clients By Being Yourself

$199 value

I believe in authenticity! I also believe that if you want a successful business on the long-term, you’d better build it on principles of authenticity, transparency and integrity. The best business is the one that is built on your true self!

Remember that “people buy why you do it, not what you do” (Simon Sinek)! Emotion sells and if you are willing to be vulnerable and put your whole self out there, you will be successful!

What you’ll learn:

  • what exactly is authenticity
  • the benefits of being authentic (in terms of business)
  • 9 questions that will help you uncover your true self (so that you can incorporate this in your business)
  • one powerful exercise to take the self-discovery to a whole new level
  • bonus: the pdf is editable on your computer!



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13 Mindset Blocks That Are Keeping Creative Entrepreneurs BROKE!

$147 value

You know what’s weird, that you can use all the latest marketing strategies out there but they won’t work if you are blocking yourself on a subconscious level, that’s why I wrote this powerful ebook!

Note: I was once in your shoes and over the years I’ve dealt with ALL the mindset blocks covered in the ebook. 

What you’ll learn:

  • what’s a healthy way to deal with mindset blocks
  • two super important things to keep in mind while working on changing your mindset
  • the 13 blocks that are blocking you from abundance!
  • how to deal with perfectionism
  • how to get back your power and use it to create more wealth in your life

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Guide to Getting Your First Coaching Client

Three-part video course on finding your ideal client, structuring your services like a PRO and the secrets of free sessions that end in SALE